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Tf loggan tandTandvårdsskadeförbundet (TF) is a Swedish association for patients with ill health associated with dental materials. TF is one of the initiators of the MetDetox conference as well as a major financial supporter. TF works for the use of metal-free dental materials in clinical practice.



Logo105The European Center for Environmental Medicine stands up for the establishment of environmental medicine in Europe. We are committed to the research for links between chronic diseases and environmental toxins, research for treatments, the availability of medical examinations for patients and the prevention of exposure.


iguzm_logo-text-vertical-bg-whiteIG Umwelt Zahn Medicin is a non-profit organisation founded by Florian Schulze with environmental and dental medicine in focus. It works as a network for researchers, clinicians, toxicologist and immunologists with the goal to be a bridge to the public, working at a political level in the interest of affected patients.


ISOM Logo 2

The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine works to further the advancement of orthomolecular medicine throughout the world, to raise awareness of this rapidly growing and cost effective practice of health care, and to unite the groups already operating in this field. Based in Canada, ISOM serves to educate health professionals in the principles and practice of orthomolecular medicine through publications, and continuing medical eduction programs.

DGUHT_Logo_neuThe German Society for Environmental and Human Toxicology (DGHUT) was established in 1993. The purpose of the society is to promote scientific research and guidance for consumers. DGHUT aims to be a forum for the presentation of experimental findings and therapeutic approaches. They organise working groups as well as yearly meetings for interdiciplinary approaches in the fields of medicine, healthy living, food quality, product information, physical environmental pollution, dentistry.

Logo duo met alle gegevens zonder bestelNutrined is a research focused company, starting with product development and ending with primary research studies demonstrating the efficacy of our formulations. Our products are formulated to meet specific health challenges. Doctors turn to Researched Nutritionals® for targeted solutions to complicated patient issues. Read more about Nutrined and Researched Nutrionals and our products here.


MELISA_logo_CMYKMELISA® is an optimised, standardized, clinically validated diagnostic blood test for detecting allergies to metals and other antigens; such as gluten and certain acrylics. It can also identify the presence of active Lyme disease. Inflammation activated by metal allergy may be one of the causes of ill health in patients. MELISA will identify if metals are causing an immune reaction, which is common in patients with fibromyalgia, connective tissue disorders, chronic fatigue and autoimmune diseases. In the majority of cases, symptoms improve after allergenic metal exposure is stopped. Samples can be sent to licensed MELISA laboratories.

Logo_Invitalab_190528(1)The InVitaLab is a human medical laboratory for preventive medicine and naturopathic-oriented medical diagnostics. InVitaLab has been offering a spectrum of medical and microbiological diagnostic tests since the end of 2007. Our test panel has been developed over the years in close collaboration with various institutes, physicians, medical facilities and therapists, and addresses current and patient-oriented needs and requirements.