Lindh rund

Professor Ulf Lindh

Uppsala university

Chairman of the Research Fund at Tandvårdsskadeförbundet

Prof. Lindh from Uppsala University, Sweden, has spent many of his years in academia studying and teaching the biology of metals and other elements, and their implications in human health.

The initiative for the conference was taken by Prof. Lindh together with Tandvårdsskadeförbundet (a Swedish association for patients with ill health associated with dental materials), where prof. Lindh is the chairman of their Research fund. Tf has recognised a need for an international gathering of experts in the fields of metal toxicology with focus on detoxification to present the developments of the research field and current projects.

Schulze rund

Florian Schulze

Schulze is a practitioner in environmental medicine and has founded IG Umwelt Zahn Medizin (IG Environmental Dentistry). He’s the German spokesman of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry as well as a promoter of the European Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

Ann-Marie rund 2

Ann-Marie Lidmark

Ann-Marie Lidmark is the chairman of Tandvårdsskadeförbundet. She has a BA in biochemistry and zoo physiology from the University of Stockholm and has also studied public health science.  She has worked as project leader, investigator and researcher, has written several books on environmental and health issues and has experience in the political field. Her main interests are public health issues, nutritional therapy, chemical health risks  and electrosensitivity.  In 2016 she published the book ”Frisk utan mediciner. Om ADHD och autism”.


Annie rund

Conference operating manager

Annie Pettersson (MSc, PhD) is the operating manager of the conference. Her background is in biological science at Uppsala university and medical doctoral research at Karolinska Institutet.