Abstract submission and selection process

Call for abstracts for talks is now closed. We extend our thanks to everyone who have submitted an abstract. The selection process is currently ongoing.

The Call for abstracts for poster presentations will be open until May 20th.

We welcome researchers, students, practitioners and professionals to submit abstracts on the following themes:

  • Biological mechanisms of the toxicity of metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminium, cadmium etc.
  • Medical geology and metals in the environment – the relationship between natural geological factors and their effects on human health.
  • Mechanisms of detoxification agents – the mechanisms of which drugs and other detoxification agents remove metals from the body.
  • Natural agents and supplementation for metal detoxification – what alternatives are there to the classical drugs? What supplements and/or herbals have shown effect? What are their mechanisms of action?
  • Nutrition as a supportive measure for metal detoxification – how can nutrients and/or specific diets be used to improve clinical outcomes by supporting specific cellular detoxification pathways?
  • Genetic considerations in metal detoxification – what genetic variants affect a person’s ability to detoxify and excrete metals? Is DNA testing advised prior to treatment to identify susceptible individuals?
  • Clinical application of detoxification agents – what are the experiences of clinically active practitioners? Agents used, dosing, success rates, complexity & considerations. Presentation of patient case studies.
  • Testing for metal toxicity – pros and cons of testing in urine, blood, faeces, CSF, hair, or nails. Is challenged or unchallenged testing superior? Testing instruments and technical considerations.


To have your research considered, please send a summary of your proposed topic to info@metdetox.org.


To have your research considered for an oral presentation or poster, please submit your abstract using the form below. Alternately, you may submit your abstract to info@metdetox.org. Within 48 h, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Abstracts should be structured in such a way as to include (1) A descriptive title (2) Purpose/Objective; (3) Material/methods; (4) Results; (5) Conclusion. The use of standard abbreviations is desirable. Special or unusual abbreviations must be placed (in round brackets) after the first appearance of the word for which it stands. The maximum amount of words is 400. There is no abstract submission fee.

Abstract selection process

Abstracts submitted for presentation will be reviewed by our international panel of experts in the field of the subject. Abstract review criteria are based on clarity, supporting data, scientific rigour, potential significance, interest in the topic chosen and innovation or usefulness. To register for the conference, please to go Registration. All attendants including speakers register at the same fee.